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Nail Services

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Proudly offering high quality, sanitation oriented, nail services.
Terra Spa Nails Bar is full nail service including pedicure, Manicure, CND Shellac, Solar Nails, Acrylics Nails, and Nail Arts.
In order to create the ultimate in spa ambiance, we maintain a private suite for all of our nail services to ensure a restful, stress free environment.

Why Choose Terra Spa Nail Services

  • Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation; Sanitation is at the heart of everything we do at Terra Spa
  • We NEVER "double dip" during any service performed at Terra Spa, we always use a fresh, clean product spatula to dispense products when necessary.
  • We use disposable equipment whenever possible such as New and unused Files and buffers only; as well as we properly disinfect all metal equipment using a UV sanitizer or an autoclave sterilizer.
  • We use disposable pedicure liners for our pedicure chair system ensuring no cross contamination or risk of infection.
  • Our manicure & pedicure equipment is properly sterilized after each use.
  • In order to create the ultimate in spa ambiance, we maintain a private suite for all of our pedicure services to ensure a restful, stress free environment.
  • All of our nail technicians are currently licensed to perform nail technology services within the state of Texas, and have certifications for many of the latest advanced procedures.
  • Terra Spa is an all in one destination for a full range of services such as nail service, skin care, massage therapy, eyelash extensions, full face & body waxing by licensed estheticians, inch loss body wraps, as well as many couples packages.
  • All services performed at Terra Spa are open to male as well as female clients!
  • Terra Spa uses certified organic and/or natural based products whenever possible.
  • Walk-ins accepted upon availability; however, appointments are preferred.

Call Us Today Make An Appointment Or Book Online Your Preferred Nail Services

Shellac Nail Color Shellac

The Amazing 2 week manicure: We proudly now offer CND Shellac nail color. This revolutionary product will keep your nails flawless for at least 14 days. Mirror Finish,Zero Dry Time,No Nail Damage
Shellac Only $25
Mani + Shellac $50
Shellac Removal $15
Add Shellac $15

Solar Nails

Solar New Set $50
Solar Fill $25
Solar Removal $20
Solar Nail Shape $10

ANC Dipping

Dipping New Set $50
Dipping Fill $30

Nail Art

Nail Art $7 and Up
Glitter $5
Repair $5 (per nail)

Detox Pedicure:Black Charcoal

(New) The Pedicure Detox System contains activated black charcoal, carbon that has been treated to increase its absorbency, is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by behaving like a magnet, attracting and absorbing thousands of time its own weight in dirt, oil, and impurities. Each particle has an incredibly porous surface area, the key to promoting absorption of many toxins, atoms, and ions

The Detox Pedicure is a 4 Steps Detox System

  • STEP 1: SOAK
  • The black charcoal soak allows the feet to soften and cleanse in prep for the pedicure
  • Exfoliate feet and legs with black charcoal scrub to help slough off dry and hardened skin
  • STEP 3: MASK
  • The black charcoal mask will add nutrients and a cooling sensation to the skin. For more Detox, warm towels will be used.
  • The black charcoal massage crème will be used to massage legs and feet. This process will soften and rejuvenate the skin.
    Now the feet are prepped and ready for polish
Detox Pedicure $65

Spa Pedicure

Beautify your feet and release all of your tension. Relax while your feet soak in a warm and bubbly bath. Your cuticles are perfected, your feet and calves are massaged, and your nails are clipped, reshaped, buffed and/or polished.
Pedicure $45
Manicure $35

Deluxe Pedicure

This foot experience begins with a soothing foot soak followed by a gentle exfoliation. An invigorating re-mineralizing seaweed mask is then applied to revive the legs and feet, followed by a relaxing foot massage. A hot towel wrap then prepares the feet for callousremoval, your nails are then clipped, reshaped, buffed and/or polished
Pedicure $55
Manicure $45

Express Pedicure

Relax while your feet soak. Ending with clipping, reshaping, buffing and/or polishing your nails.
Pedicure $35
Manicure $25

Pedicure Manicure Combo

Express Pedi-Mani Combo $60
Spa Pedi-Mani Combo $80
Deluxe Pedi-Man $100
Princess Pedi-Man $30

Basic Manicure Services

Polish Change $15
French Tip $5
Gel Removal $15
Callous Removal $10
Seaweed Clay Mask $10
Paraffin Hands or Feet $10
Hot Stones $10

Sweet Princess

Design for your little one, under 12 years old; this treatment will make her feel and look like a princess. Start off with a nice a warm and bubbly foot bath. Followed by a feet and calves massage. Ending with shaping, nails polished.
Pedicure $18
Manicure $12

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